Motorola SLV L6 USB Driver

Motorola L6 USB Driver is used for connecting your handset to a 32-bit Windows computer via a USB cable.

This driver pack allows you to:
  • send text messages (SMS) via Bluetooh with a variety of cell phones
  • sync your address book and the calendar to a Motorola(TM) L6 phone

Address Book already supports sending texts with a small number of phones. The current implementation is better in that you don't need to turn on Bluetooth in Address Book. Texts sent are saved in the "Notes" section of the Person entry. Texts received are only shown on the cell phone, not within Address Book.
Bluetooth, USB
The drivers below have only been tested with Bluetooth. Some people experience problems with sending SMS via Bluetooth. If you do, make sure you don't have the Bluetooth connection turned on within Address Book - the plug-in works independently of that.

Legal info: "Motorola" and "L6" are trademarks of Motorola Inc. - This is third-party driver software that does not come from Motorola. It is supplied to you without any warranty, and without commercial intent. Use it at your own risk.

You can download this driver at Here.

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