Motorola Phone Tools v4.5.1c

Motorola PhoneTools is our complete cell phone communications solution. Connect your cell phone to your laptop and connect to the Internet via cellular networks when there are no WiFi options available. Synchronize your PC and cell phone contacts in Outlook. Send SMS messages directly from your laptop. Create your own ringtones, wallpaper and MMS slide shows and transfer them to your cell phone. Try our new wireless Bluetooth solution which makes it even more convenient to use Mobile PhoneTools on the road.

Cell Phone Sync Software integrated with Outlook
- Outlook sync: Open, modify and synchronize your Outlook or Outlook Express contacts directly from Mobile PhoneTools; send to and from your mobile phone with a click of a button.
- Cell phone sync : Sync one contact or all with our synchronization wizard. Or, synchronize by contact groups.
- Easy cell phone data transfer: Import or export your phone book contacts in the format you choose: text, Dbase, continual fields, Outlook, Outlook Express or Vcard format.
- Phonebook Transfer: You’ll never lose your mobile phone contacts with Mobile PhoneTools’ Back Up and Restoration Wizard; if you change phones, simply transfer all your contacts to your new phone, for free.

Multimedia Studio: Create your own ringtones and personal wallpaper for your cell phone
- Ringtones: Create polyphonic or mp3 ringtones from your own music using Mobile PhoneTools software; then connect your mobile phone and PC and transfer the media to your phone. Use the music editing software in Mobile PhoneTools to edit your own audio files.
- Wallpaper: Create unique mobile phone wallpaper from your very own photos or just grab a piece of your PC screen.
- MMS Slide shows : Create multimedia messages and slide shows

Be mobile: Get connected to the Internet anywhere
- Turn your cell phone into a modem: Connect your laptop to your mobile phone with your Bluetooth dongle to manage your email and navigate the Web when you can’t access a WiFi network. Use your cell phone’s GSM, GPRS or UMTS connection with our special Bluetooth setup and configuration manager.
- Pre-configured cell phone settings: Includes all major worldwide mobile phone operator connection parameters and automatically sets them up.
- Mobile messaging: Send SMS and MMS messages instantly from your laptop. Also send multiple messages simultaneously using your Outlook user group.

Download this mobile tools and driver at Here ( Part1 - Part2 - Part3 )

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